Hey! I’m Jeroen and made a video review for y’all. I had some minor back pain that started about two years ago. I actually bought this system for my friend though and to review it for you guys, but I figured a good and thorough review would entail me using this product on myself. Let’s take a look:

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my-back-xrayFor those of you wondering whether the program cured my back pain, you’ll find the answers in the video above. You can see from the X-ray of my back (to the right) that my spine tweaked a bit to my left hand side. This happened due to an awkward motion that forced my right hip up as my right back and butt muscles tensed up quickly (and were unbalanced by my left side).

This happened while I was taking out a really heavy trash bin that I had to carry up and down steps. It doesn’t take much force to cause back pain when you have your spine in an awkward and unnatural position.

Alright, lets talk more about the system.

Where Did The “Relief Codes” Come From?

An all-inclusive program, created by National Basketball Association star Jonathan Bender, has been released to tell the truth about naturally healing your joint pain. The program strives to help people who suffer from joint pain minimize their pain through simple, exercises and stretches that can be performed completely at home. The program includes three e-books: one main book titled The Joint Pain Relief Codes that explains the program and includes full description and instructions for the exercises and stretches that the program entails, an e-book called Easy Yoga For Full Body Healing that includes simple yoga poses for relieving pain, and an e-book titled Meditation For Stress Relief that contains easy meditation poses that anyone can do.

The yoga and meditation e-books are designed to supplement the main pain relief program contained within the e-book. All of the e-books can be easily downloaded after purchase. The convenience of The Joint Pain Relief program is incredible; users are able to fully experience the program and all of its benefits without ever leaving the comfort of their own home.

Jonathan Bender’s Story

jonathan-bender-portraitJonathan Bender, the primary writer and creator of the system, is a retired professional basketball player. During the height of his career in the late 1990s and early 2000s, he played for the Indiana Pacers and the New York Knicks teams and was an integral part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Unfortunately, Bender was forced to retire from his professional career and quit playing the game he loved in 2010 due to extreme knee pain. After ending his professional career as a basketball player, Bender devoted a large part of his life to helping others. He spends much of his time maintaining the Jonathan Bender Foundation, which is a non-profit organization he founded himself in 2008.

Jonathan Bender’s passion for helping others as well as his own personal experiences and struggles with joint pain is what really drove him to create the system. Jonathan Bender’s joint pain problems began when he was a teenager. While he was going through puberty, he experienced an extreme growth spurt of more than six inches during a period of less than four months to reach his current height of six feet eight inches. That extreme and rapid growth spurt placed a lot of strain on Bender’s knees and caused him to endure severe joint pain beginning in his adolescence.

Knee X-rayDuring his teenage years, Bender played basketball on his high-school basketball team despite his joint pain. The only solution he was given from doctors was to get the fluid drained out of his knees as often as possible. Bender took this advice and endured several sessions of painful fluid draining that did not ever really solve his pain problem. After he became a full-time professional basketball player in the NBA and played for several years, his knee pain only grew worse. Eventually, he was forced to have surgery, endure long and difficult rehab and recovery periods, and finally retire before he was ready or willing to leave his career.

Within his the program, Bender admits that during his struggle with joint pain in his knees, he was under the care of “the best of the best of doctors”. However, despite all of these medical professionals’ hard work to minimize his pain and get him back on track to continue his professional career, his join paint persisted and he was forced to leave the game he loved forever.

As a retired NBA player who had a very successful and active career, Bender is not in need of extra money. His program is not just yet another expensive gimmick placed on the market to lure desperate and struggling consumers to purchase it for an exorbitant price. Instead, the system is available at an affordable cost in order to make it available for as many people as possible to access it easily and reap its pain-relieving benefits for themselves. Bender emphasizes that many “solutions” advertised for people who suffer from chronic joint pain are excessively expensive and are ultimately ineffective.

He discusses how many pharmacists, doctors, alternative health clinic employees, and other medical professionals have an ultimate goal of making as much money as possible off of their suffering clients. Bender believes that joint pain does not always need to be fixed through physical therapy, additional medication, surgery, hip or knee replacements, or any other severe, expensive, and potentially harmful solutions medical professionals suggest.

He believes that, through the system, he has created an easy, inexpensive, comfortable, and real solution that can help people suffering from joint pain ease the pain they have always endured and get back to living their life the way they want to live it without worrying about their pain holding them back. The genuine passion Jonathan Bender has for his program and using it to help people without personal gain is extremely impressive and adds extensive credibility to the program.

Why List To Jonathan Bender?

Jonathan Bender’s credibility as the creator and writer of a program designed to free people from joint pain is not supported only by his own personal experiences and passion for helping others. Throughout main e-book, Bender discusses the many causes of joint pain, including injury, viral infection, tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, excessive exertion, bone infection, and more. His clear acknowledgement of the many valid roots of joint pain demonstrates that he recognizes that joint pain can be derived from a variety of causes. Furthermore, it shows that he considered the causes of his customers’ pain when designing his program rather than simply creating a program based on what worked for relieving his own joint pain.

Bender begins his program by introducing the muscle as the place to start when attempting to correct joint pain. He discusses the tragedy of the commonality of muscle atrophy in today’s modern society in which many people live sedentary lifestyles. He introduces the concept of correct stretching techniques, resting your muscles, and taking breaks while still remaining consistent in your workout schedule. Bender also talks about the significance of cartilage for relieving joint pain. He discusses the various types of cartilage, what cartilage is, and what purpose it serves in the body. He also gives his readers tips on how to prevent deterioration of their cartilage in order to reverse their joint pain and keep it from getting worse. Throughout the system, Bender clearly demonstrates his knowledge of how the body, muscles, and joints function. He shows that he actually has developed the medical, scientific anatomical knowledge needed to design a program that is effective at healing joint pain without harming the body or making the pain worse.

The Importance of Effort

An interesting and unique element which Jonathan Bender delves into in the program is the importance of putting in effort and trying your best to help rid your joints of pain. Many other programs that claim to fix joint pain or other types of pain offer a quick-fix that promises to eliminate one hundred percent of users’ pain with minimal or even no work or effort on their part. These programs are usually incredibly ineffective. Because of his knowledge on the subject of joint pain and his own experience with it, Bender recognizes the importance of putting in as much effort as possible in order to minimize joint pain. He does not sugar-coat the process or lie to his consumers about how much work they’re going to have to put in. Instead, he acknowledges that the users who are going to get the best benefits out of his program are the ones who are going to show they care about living without pain by trying their very best in all areas of the program.

Throughout the entirety of the program, Bender emphasizes the importance of maintaining a positive attitude, avoiding making excuses, forming realistic goals, and a determination to never stop until reaching your desired goal. Bender also inspires his readers to maintain this type of effort his program demands of them by encouraging them to think of all of the things they will be able to do and how much better their life will be once they successfully get rid of their joint pain. By demonstrating clearly to his users that they need to put their own effort into his program in order to get the results they want, Bender encourages his readers and increases their chances of actually getting better.

The Joint Pain “Secret Codes”

3-ebooksThe main part of program is the “Secret Codes” included within the main e-book. These secret codes are special and simple exercises and stretches that are specifically designed to help cure joint pain. To make his program more easily navigable and accessible for a variety of users who suffer from different types of pain, Bender has separated his secret codes into different sections for specific exercise to help relieve joint pain in different areas of the body. These areas of the body include the hips, knees, shoulders, and back.

Everyone who buys Bender’s program gets immediate access to all of the secret codes, so those who suffer from joint pain in multiple areas can take advantage of the codes for multiple body parts. Some of the exercises that Bender includes within his program are not never-before-seen. However, just because some of the exercises and stretches can be found in other books or on the Internet does not mean that they are not useful and effective. Bender also includes enough little-known exercises and stretches within his secret codes to keep his information fresh and his program worth purchasing. The comprehensive, detailed format of the exercises within the secret codes makes them easy to follow without confusion or frustration. Even though the program is all text and does not include pictures of videos, all of the exercises or stretches are simple to understand without visual aid.

It’s An All-Inclusive Program

The best part of Jonathan Bender’s system is that it is all-inclusive. It is centered around simple stretches and exercises you can do in your home to help eliminate your joint pain. However, the program itself is so much more than that. It also includes tips you can use in many different areas of your life in order to minimize your pain as quickly as possible. In addition to the variety of secret codes for joint pain in the hips, knees, back, and shoulders that the program includes, the system also includes secret codes for how to maximize the time you spend walking and jogging in order to reverse your joint pain and prevent your exercise from making it worse. The e-book also includes diet tips for those hoping to eliminate joint pain. It contains multiple of Jonathan Bender’s own favorite healthy juice recipes that include special nutritious ingredients for minimizing joint pain.

Furthermore, the book contains more than ten anti-inflammatory, protein-filled recipes for desserts, soups, salads, and entrees that are specifically designed to heal joint pain. Bender even includes a seven-day joint pain treatment meal plan that includes a full week’s worth of recipes to minimize joint pain. It is not just a program filled with exercises to help you eliminate your joint pain. It is a full exercise and diet program that helps users transform their entire life using easy tips and tricks to help them immediately minimize their joint pain at all times.

Jonathan Bender’s system is both thorough and effective. Bender combines his knowledge of the body with his own personal experience and passion for helping others successfully make it through the pain that ended his career to create a program that is encouraging and inspiring to others. Unlike other programs that claim to offer similar outcomes, system is simple to use and easy to get through for anyone, no matter how busy you are. It is inexpensive, convenient, and unlike any other pain-relief product or program currently on the market. Try it today risk-free to see if it helps you work through your joint pain and get you back on track to the pain-free life you want to live.

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