Curing High Blood Pressure Through Meditation?

High Blood Pressure…

Otherwise known as “Hypertension”.

It’s unfortunate, 70 million North American’s (1 out of every 3 people!) are affected by High Blood Pressure.

You yourself may have High Blood Pressure and are here to lower it. Or you may very well know someone who has High Blood Pressure.

Let’s be honest, it’s scary.

Blood pressure

High blood pressure dramatically increases your risk for, heart attacks, strokes, cardiovascular disease and, quite unfortunately, too many others to list here.


I’m not trying to scare you.

Though, in my circle of family and friends there are a few who have High Blood Pressure. I care about them and want them around a heck of a lot longer. And I care about my Yoga Burn family, so I hope this article gives some inspiration and insight on how to handle this.


Naturally changing your diet helps. Doctors recommend changing diet and getting exercise.

Well here at Yoga Burn we have a fantastic resource for diet and exercise. In fact, many doctors are now recommending Yoga to help lower blood pressure.

Well, speaking of Doctor’s Recommendations…

The nation’s leading Doctor on Hypertension, Dr. Rany Zusman from Massachusetts General Hospital (widely recognized as one of the top hospitals in the world) recommends one crucial and unique step for lowering blood pressure.

One he has been recommending and testing for years.

It is…



You see, when you Meditate it increases the formulation of the compound Nitric Oxide in your body. When Nitric Oxide increases it causes blood vessels to open up. When this happens, you in effect, lower your blood pressure.

Basically it’s like opening up your pipes to pump blood through.

Dr. Zusman goes further: He stresses the vital importance of a daily meditation practice. He also recommends meditating as a marvelous health practice in general to partake in regardless of your situation.

Here’s what’s really neat, many of his patients have reduced their dependency on medications and even better, many have gone as far as eliminating the need for their expensive blood pressure medications.

Fascinating wouldn’t you say?

He recommends that a daily practice is best. Hard to ignore the Doctor’s orders here on how important meditation is. I recommend at least 15 minutes a day.

And I’d love to guide you through your daily meditation practice…

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