JBIT MedPro – Jonathan Bender’s Invention

Jonathan Bender is one of the celebrated NBA stars. While many people know him from his classics and stylish play in the game, he had a terrible accident that changed his career forcing him to an early retirement. This new Invention revolutionized his career to enable him go back and enjoy the game that he really loves. Here is a guide on how NBA player Jonathan Bender invented the JBIT MedPro used to treat joint pain:

Bender did not know anything about the process of building medical devices; however, in his years dealing with bum knees forced him to think of a better way of avoiding injuries. The initial design or the prototype of Bender needed some adjustments that would make it the best for the people who would train. The process of coming with this invention was not easy given that he did not have skills required to make him to bring the product to the market for sale especially for the athletes who had similar problems.

JBIT MedProHe needed enough budget to help him cover materials from a local fabric store at the same time working with professional tailor, who would help in design when trying to alleviate stress on one’s joints through strengthening groups of muscles around it. When the design was completed, it has a look of a weightlifting belt that had a pair of durable rear-facing resistance bands that dangles from the bottom.

During the process, Bender spent the first two years testing it through having his friends using it as they worked out through taking it to the research physicians at the Purdue University. During the period, the researchers found out that the product did indeed provide lower-joint relief by easing pressure right on the knees at the same time building strength within the quads, calves and hamstrings. This product was one of the easiest ways of reducing pressure in the muscles that were associated with the injuries.

After passing this test, Bender knew that he had do one more test of administering it before marketing his invention for the potential buyers who needed it in the market. During the process, he called it a JB Intensive Trainer. During the time, he had spent a lot of money doing tests that would ensure that he had the best product when selling it in the market.

After serious injuries in the year 2009, Bender made a decision of working out with this new invention comprehensively for a whole year. By December the year 2009, he felt confident in knees health that, at the age of 28, he made a decision of giving the NBA another last shot. He knew well that the product was going to work for him especially when improving stamina in the body.

Bender started doing some trials with the NBA clubs. Walsh was too impressed with Bender that he made a decision to sign Bender to a contract in midway through the whole of2009-10 season. During his gaming, the numbers of Bender on the court were so impressive — in 25 games, he had an average of 4.7 points in just 11.7 minutes. The Knicks’ doctors was blown away with these stats in the training room. This marketed the product to become of the sold training products in the market today. Today, you will always find many players using it as a way of improving their stamina at the same time improving their performance on the pitch especially the NBA players who would wish to improve their game.

Review of Jonathan Bender’s Invention, JBIT MedPro


The JBIT MedPro is one unparalleled device that is designed to complement fitness regimens and rehabilitation by providing a relief of the chronic pain in the body. When you use the JBIT MedPro, it will help you be able to strengthen the upper and core while lowering extremity muscles, helping in the relieving of back, knee, hip, and shoulder pain.

When buy it, you will get each box that includes (1) waist belt extender, (1) Back pad/waist belt, (3) sets of leg resistance bands (light, extra light, and heavy), (2) sets of an arm resistance bands (light and extra light), (1) gel heat pack, (1) set of handles, (1) pair of ankle sleeves, and (1) stretching band.

JB Intensive often warrants this product free from defect one month (30 days) after the date of purchase. In case of the unopened items, you may return it within 30 days from delivery period for a full due refund. When you are not satisfied with it, you will always get the best product that would help you improve your stamina at the same time enhancing your health.


Here are some of the benefits that you would enjoy when you use the product:

When you use it, you will be able to relieve too much pain from shoulder, back and sciatica, knee, hip, and joints thus helping stay fit and healthy. Those athletes who have used it have been able to improve their performance in an amazing way thus making them get the best products to help you in the sport of basketball.

Through the product when exercising, you will be able to strengthen core as well as upper extremities thus helping you improve your pitch performance as a basketball player. In addition, it can help you define your muscle tone thus gaining the stamina that would be beneficial for yourself.

When you use the product, you will be able to improve your posture and balance that will have an impact on the ability to be the best in your game. This Jonathan Bender’s Invention called JBIT MedPro can help you in weight loss at the same time increasing your mobility that would help you gain more stamina that plays in important role by helping you improve your pitch game.

In conclusion, the above is a review of Jonathan Bender’s Invention, JBIT MedPro that you should know before using it especially when you want to improve your stamina and reduce the common injuries as an athlete.