Quick Techniques For Relieving Minor Aches

Many of use have probably started to come to peace with the fact that pain happens to just be an inevitable part of life. A lot of days… I find this to be quite truthful.

Dr. Nicolas Campos, an expert pain relief therapist wrote, “Stretching for health is one of the most important things I have learned in order to manage pain. A consistent stretching regimen can not just relieve the painful symptoms of an injury or again, it has actually shown to eliminate pain and prevent it from becoming chronic.” As I read this… the fact that stretching may relieve, prevent pain, and even eliminate pain, I began to think, “Yeah, thanks captain obvious! But who in the heck has the time for that?”

I can not exactly fit a yoga classes into my daily routine at the moment, and if my back is hurting me while I’m at work, there’s no way I can just get on the ground and start stretching in the middle of where I work. However, once I came across these very simple and quick stretches I could do just sitting in my chair, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to give them a shot… right!?

Although these specific stretches shouldn’t replace the advice from your doctor, I’ll give them a shot and share them with you here. It doesn’t matter if I’m at work, sitting on a park bench or even at home, I am able to do these super simple stretches to relieve the aches and pains of any part of my body.

Guy with lower back painLower Back

Pain in the lower back is very common among Americans and most other Western cultures. For those of us who have it, we know it can be absolutely debilitating. Fortunately this particular stretch is ideal for relaxing muscles and eliminating minor soreness. You can do this one from home… or just about anywhere you have a floor!

Take a seat in a chair and lean forward. Grab the back of your thigh for one of your legs and bring that knee up to your chest. Try to pull gently and bounce-stretch it towards your chest. Feel that glute? Now, when you’re ready and a bit looser, hold your leg up to your chest for about thirty seconds. Gently relax and bring your leg back to the ground. Repeat this process for the other leg.

Tip: Keep your back at a 90 degree angle to your stationary leg while the foot of that stationary leg is firmly planted flat on the floor.

Middle And Upper Back

Pain in his upper backAlthough lower back pain is most common, upper and middle back pain can be equally frustrating and debilitating. Luckily there is a stretch will take care of this and it is as easy as hugging yourself!

Take your left hand to your right shoulder and your right hand to the left shoulder as if you were hugging yourself. Try to take deep breaths while continuing to hold your shoulders and feel the stretch. Hold it for about thirty seconds if you can, and then gently relax back to a resting position.

Tip: Bending forward during this exercise will enhance the stretch and help more with the middle back.

Aching neckNeck

With the neck really just being an extension of the back, it is prone to pain, and when you have it, it can quite literally be a huge pain in the neck! Fortunately stretching the neck is one of the easiest things to do compared to other parts of the body. Try this:

Tilt your head towards your left shoulder as far as you comfortably can feeling that stretch and hold it for about thirty seconds. Gently relax bring your head back to the normal resting position and repeat this stretch on your right side.

Tip: You can use your hands to enhance the stretch by grabbing the top of your head with one hand and your chin with the other.


Her shoulder achesSore shoulders can results from quite a number of things. Whether you were lifting something heavy or are simply bearing a lot of stress and tension in your shoulders, this simple stretching exercise will help to loosen them up for you. It is possible to do this type of shoulder stretch practically anywhere; whether it be from an elevator to the back seat of your car!

Inhale slowly and deeply while you pull your shoulders up. Hold this pose for about three seconds. Breathe out slowly and relax your shoulders back to their normal resting position. Do this stretch about ten times.

Tip: While you lower your shoulders back down, imagine that you are lowering your shoulder blades all the way down to the floor. It may help to close your eyes when doing this.


Pain in balls of feetFoot pain is also a very common ailment. This is especially true for those of us who are walking or standing for a large part of the day. Of course maybe not much beats a foot massage, but finding someone willing to give you one of these foot massages is perhaps easier said than done. Luckily, this particular exercise is one you are able to do either sitting down or standing up. And you can do it practically anywhere.

Take on foot and place it in front of the other foot. Now take your other foot and tuck it underneath and curl the top part of your toes to where they touch the floor. Slowly put pressure your toes until you can really feel that stretch on top of your foot. Hold it for about thirty seconds, and then gently relax the foot back to the resting position. Repeat this same stretch with your other foot.

Tip: Taking your shoes off will help you with a better, deeper stretch if possible.


Wrist painWrist pain can results from many things, especially when you have to use a computer and type often. Fortunately tho, you are able to do this easy stretch immediately help your wrists feel much better!

Make both of your hands into fists and stretch your arms out in front. Move your wrists around in circles and feel the stretch in your forearms and wrists. Make circles inward ten times and then outward ten times.

Tip: Try to keep your arms straight and rotate your knuckles in as big of circles as you can.


hip painPain in the hips can make every day tasks you normally take for granted very cumbersome, such as tying your shoes, walking, or even sitting! Hip pain is quite common, and as with any joint pain, there are remedies for it.

Sit up tall on the edge of your chair and rotate your chest a bit to your left. Now stretch your right leg as far back behind you as you can while keeping your left knee at a 90-degree angle. Bring your chest up while breathing in and push your right hip toward the ground. Breathe normally but hold the pose for about thirty seconds. Gently relax back to a resting position and switch over to your left hip and repeating the stretch.

Tip: Try and keep you back knee as straight as you can to enhance the stretch if possible.

Knee Pain

knee painMillions of Americans, just like Jonathan Bender, suffer from knee pain. Many people seek a medical specialist to resolve their knee pain as they want it resolved as quickly as possible. You need you knees to walk! You can, however, generally relieve knee pain with stretching and specific exercises.

Sit in a chair keeping your back straight feet flat on the ground. Gently stand up slowly and stand for five seconds. Using a controlled movement, slowly return to a seated position. Try this ten times.

Tip: Don’t have your knees go over your toes during any part of this exercise.

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